Welcome to uMhlathuze Ward 4

Dear Resident
I am the councillor Proportional DA responsible for Ward 4, it is my aim to serve you as best as I can.
In order to streamline service delivery, and to ensure that your issue receive direct attention we have designed this website to assist you. The following information will guide you.
Ward 4 Boundaries (Maps)
The way this ward has been demarcated causes a lot of confusion. In order to limit the uncertainty and to provide a clearer idea of exactly where the boundaries lines are, we have included several maps for your easy reference here.
Log A Fault & Service Delivery
Please click on the Service Delivery Standards Page here. There you will find general guidelines from the municipality in respect of the time allowed to respond to a fault reported.
Seeing that my main aim is to assist you in logging a fault without too much hassle you are invited to click on this link and follow the easy steps to log a fault by choosing from the drop down box. We have done our best to cover every possible topic to make your life a little easier, and the site will be updated as and when the need arises.
The system is designed to send emails to the relevant individuals, including the Municipal Manager, his deputies, line managers and technicians. I will also receive a copy which will assist me in monitoring progress.

Compliment Option
Please be so kind as to regocnise good service by clicking on the Compliment Option. Follow the easy steps. A thank you goes along way!
Together we can make a difference!

Cllr. Rynie Kearns
Proportional Cllr. DA